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And New Life Begins…

Yes…new life. In my job I am blessed to have the opportunity to come face to face with new life so often. Some of those occasions are inviting me to the hospital soon after the birth of a newbie to photograph them or inviting to their home to see a newborn that is just a week old.

These first few days are precious and priceless. These are the moments that parents are on an adrenaline high, for they have just achieved another milestone for the family and are welcoming a little one. These moments are etched in my memory and my heart from my own experience. Those first quiet days bonding with your new baby, the smell, the soft skin, the way they look at you…sniff, sniff.

Then suddenly you’re in week two through 6 and you seem to black out, for sleep deprivation takes over.

For some reason these first days never leave the heart of a mother. Perhaps there is something to that sense of just achieving a miracle. First you get the positive test, your prepare for nine long months by eating right, shopping, giving your bump an occasional poke to see if the baby responds, and then it happens, you give birth! Bam! You did it, either for the first time or the second or third. However many times, the adrenaline high never lessens. Bringing new life into the world is a miracle. I have personally experienced 5 times, (once with my own and with three of my grandchildren) and still can’t entirely wrap my head around it.

Today I was honored again to be able to be a part of a family’s new addition. Elizabeth Hannah Geisz joined by mom Christie, dad Gene, and big brother Matthew, came into the world one week ago. She is perfect, she is beautiful, she smells wonderful, and she is a miracle as all new life is. I congratulate the Geisz family on their new miracle and thank you for inviting me in to be a part of it

Thank you…


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